Wedding Highlights

Here are some of our favorite weddings that we have shot lately. The beauty of these couples are amazing and the footage doesn't do the event the justice it deserves. These couples are so creative and beautiful in every way and we loved being a part of them.

Brinton & Allison Highlights
It is always a blast when we get to head down to Arizona to shoot weddings, but when it is a couple like Brinton & Allison, we go crazy. Everything from the venue, to the photographer, we had an absolute blast shooting this wedding. Pop some popcorn and enjoy this beautiful wedding on full screen!

Stewart & Hayley Highlights
This couple takes the "Beautiful" award for the day. We loved shooting this wedding in part because they are incredibly attractive, but also because we had our wedding reception at the Salt Lake Hardware Building two years ago and this is the first time we have been back. Shooting this wedding at this venue brought back all sorts of incredible memories. We hope you love watching these two together!

Anna & Craig Highlights
There is never topping a summer wedding, especially ones like this! Anna and Craig went all out with their wedding and it shows. The beauty is always in the details, and nothing went overlooked with this one.